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Submissions are open for all but our priority is more to the cancelled/disrupted/delayed works, which happened due to the need for social distancing and COVID-19. Though we are working with several art forms to present them in the best way possible, our aim is to look towards the positive aspect of this current situation. Yes, it’s the self-quarantine time but let’s make it a memorable one. Let’s come up at one platform with our talents that can be anything related to Food, home decor, tidying up, teaching, singing, dancing, painting, etc.

This is the time when we might or are still facing personal and professional hurdles due to the pandemic. On the other hand, we are spending time alone or with our families. Pencil for change is here to preserve memories of the families with different talents in each member.

Showcase the talent of each family member and get a family story book ready from us.

As we grow, our perception changes and therefore our way of expression changes too. Not just this we also have an idea to showcase your talent according to your age.

This art fair will about your talents as a family and as your age group.

So the age groups that we have divided are

Upto 10 years

11-15 years

16-25 Years

26-35 Years

36-50 Years

51-60 years

60+ Years

Now, you might think that what kind of talent do we promote on our platform. It may vary to any kind of talent or skill including the following:

Hand work/hand embroidery/hand painting

-Upload the images of your any kind of hand work

-Upload the video of the hand embroidery or hand painting while working on it

-Any sort of online creation of the event that never occurred.


-Upload the video of your cooking, baking, food presenting talent.

-Upload the recipe, ingredients and preparation steps of the menus created by you and has not been heard before.

-Upload the images of the dishes.

Tidiness/Decor/Home Styling

-Upload the images of your ideas of decorating home or any indoor space.

-Upload the videos of tidying up home, room or any space and decorating it with your ideas.

Classical music

-Rehearsal recordings or you playing the music you were going to do at the recital/concert.

-Sheet music that you composed for your event.

-Some sort of online recreation of the event that never occurred.

Theatre/Musical Theatre

-Upload the video if you are an expertise in the above mentioned talent

-Design sketches of costume or set or lighting plots. Pictures of design elements or props.

-Pages of script submitted by the writer. You could be your own writer too.

-It could be a song or monologue or anything else. Be innovative with technology! Do a scene over Skype or a duet over voice memos!

-You can also upload the videos of your past work.


-Upload the video of your live-streamed concert that has already happened or was suppose to happen.

-Upload the videos of the band, if you perform in band.

-Upload the video of rehearsals of your solo songs or duet or bands.

Book Reading

-Upload the videos of your book reading ideas

-Upload the photos of the suggested books by you


-Upload the video of your talent of mimicry any person/act/situation

-Upload the video of your mimicry performance if already held earlier

-Upload the video of your rehearsals


-Upload the images clicked by you

-Images could be related to anything

Family Harmony Living

-Upload videos that show happiness begins at home

-Upload videos suggesting how to maintain family harmony

-Upload photos of your family members that shows the harmony of your family


-Upload the video of farming techniques/methods that have never been seen or heard of before.

-Upload the video of gardening techniques/methods that have never been seen or heard of before.

Indoor/Outdoor Games/Sports

-If you have any new or innovative way of playing indoor games, upload the videos

-Upload the training video of outdoor games or any other sports that people can learn sitting at their homes.

Stand Up Performances

-Upload the video of your stand up performance like comedy or monologue that no one has seen before.

-Upload the video of your performance that has been already performed before.


-Upload the video of your new ideas of DIY.

-Upload the photos of the new DIY ideas.


-Upload the videos of how to do make up or any make up tricks that people can follow

-Upload the photos of make up tricks or ideas that’s new to everyone.

Craft Making

-Upload the video of something new created by you in  craft

-Upload the photos of your craft work that’s new to everyone

Writing – Story writing/Poetry Writing

-Upload the images of your writing skills which may include story or poetry.

-Upload the video of yours narrating the story or poetry written by you.

Artists not listed above

-Your work is probably very good!

-Feel free to submit what you think would work and we’ll talk!

If you want to take a topic, then please choose from these five elements of nature mentioned below:






How we can take part in this initiative?

Please download the following form, fill it up and send it to us to register for participation.