I Don’t Know

There’s always someone looking to learn something and there’s always someone who’s got something to teach…

Imagine a school, but with no borders. The School for sensible Humanity: How Education will look like in the near sustainable future? What if education was about unifying the human race and about upgrading human consciousness? What if planet Earth was one big global campus and learning never ended?

Imagine a school for all of humanity with no borders. A school that questions the ideas, beliefs, and systems that separate us, and endorses the ones that unite us. A school where we intend to tackle global issues as one unified people. A school that isn’t afraid to ask: How can we make the world extraordinary?

PFC is introducing you with I don’t know

The education system we have today doesn’t reflect the problems we’re facing today or the solutions we have tomorrow. We need more than the skills, grades, subjects, and experiences that we find in school but not in our daily lives.

And when we talk about a school for humanity, we are referring to something much bigger than the field of personal growth. Something even bigger than improving the life of the individual.

We want to go beyond what’s ever been done before and unlock new ways of being — for the global society.

We want to move outside of our silos.

We want to help embolden each other to be our more generous, capable, and abundant selves.