Adopt a Cow

With India’s highly empowered finest quality of dairy products of its herds, we come to you with a program where you can become a part of this proud tradition and support local farmers who keep sustainable practice of making dairy products alive.

Our Adopt a Cow program brings traditional home made cheddar cheese and ghee of superior quality directly to your doorstep. Dairy products such as cheddar cheese and ghee made of cow’s milk will be delivered to you from India. These herds providing you with the dairy products graze freely in India’s grassy pastures. These pastures and herds are taken care by the farmers and their families from generations. Maintaining the Indian tradition, farmers look after the pastures and herds in the most traditional and organic ways.

To get all or any of the mentioned dairy products on your table every month, you can choose a cow and adopt it on yearly basis. When you adopt a cow from us, all what you get are:

  • Your selected amount of products from your pasture
  • Adoption certificate that states the number of months or days your dairy product has aged.
  • Information about the herd and the pasture
  • All products packed carefully in a box